Great Alternatives to Barbed Wire Fencing

 Barb wire fence is a very traditional material used by lots of people in rural areas to help them protect their land and their animals. Barbed wire is made of twisted strands of wire that are put together like thorns to create spiky and dangerous pricks lining the surface of the fence. It is very efficient at serving its purpose and has been particularly successful at retaining animals, cattle, and livestock within the confines of a particular plot of land.

The sharp barbs are successful because they are sharp enough to snag at and pierce the skin, which encourages animals to keep from pushing further against the fence. It doesn't take much for an animal to learn to stay away and respect the boundaries of a barbed wire fence. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even take an encounter with a barbed wire fence for a person to be driven away from crossing the fence.

However, even with these fences are very efficient at what they do, they also have some major setbacks. First of all, because the barbs are so sharp, they can be very dangerous to humans that accidentally come into contact with them. Secondly, the cost of maintenance and repairs on a barbed wire fence can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous. Many people believe, therefore that there aren't enough benefits to offset the problems that barbed wire cause.

However, barb wire fences are not the only answer or solution to protecting your livestock and property. There are some other available alternatives. Most of these alternatives are much more humane to animals, while still keeping them contained and keeping your property effectively protected. Electric, steep, or woven wire fences are just some of the options now on the market that can better protect your animals and your property.

Electric fences are another more technologically advanced alternative to barbed wire fences. They can be made of wires or concealed in rope and tape strands. They send out a low-level jolt of electricity whenever someone or something makes contact with the wires. Though the jolt is not deadly, it is enough to keep animals confined, and intruders away. There are even some electric fences that use solar energy to operate.

The most expensive option is the steel fence; however, they are extremely durable and extremely safe. They are used on smaller fencing projects, but the power of the material is undeniable and could be used on larger projects as well. It is typically used for the enclosing of areas where horses will be, and when installed correctly and maintained, they can last for years. Fence Company