Best Protien Powders

Nowadays when you walk in a gym you find bottles of protein shakes along with rattling of weights and clanking of machines, it has become a trend in the bodybuilding world to use protein shakes for better performance and mass gain. They are created from whey, soy, Casein, Brown rice, egg, Cranberry, Pea and Hemp. Whether you are a regular athlete or an amateur chances are having a box of protein powder near you. There are many supplements available from pre-workout, mid-workout to post-work out. Protein shakes are not required if you can meet the protein requirements by whole foods, but most of Gymers rely on Protein Powders to fulfil their Protein requirements. Protein Powders can be used with milk, water, fruit shakes and fruit juices but they are usually having a flavor of their own. Protein Powders

Protein supplements are simple way to acquire the required Proteins in your diet.Protien Powders are extracted from the source using different methods and they are named accordingly such as Protein Concentrates(it is a high temperature drying process with acid extraction to reduce food source to concentrated powder),Protein Isolates (The separation of Protein is accomplished by alcohol wash, ionization or water wash),Protein Hydrolysates (Created by addition of water to protein polymers and breaking into miniature peptides consisting of amino acids),Ion exchange Proteins( it is a separation technique using electrical charges) and Microfiltration, 

If you want to select the best Protein Powder you must select the best brand, the company which has experience of many years and nutritional facts are labelled according to ingredints.The ingredients should contain essential vitamins and minerals along with Protein with least amount of carbohydrates and fats. You have to decide the right type of Protein Powder you need by keeping in mind your requirements and dietary preferences.Protiens can be classified according to quality such as Protein efficiency ratio, Net protein utilization, Biological value and Protein digestibility corrected amino acid score. Read more

I will now list some of the best Protein Powders based on the discussion.

1. Jay Robb Whey Protein, This low- carbohydrate Protein Powder is having no malt dextrin transferring the need of carbohydrates fulfilment through your diet. It has 25 gram Proteins per serving.


2. Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder, It is Complete Protein Muscle constructor with creatine which helps to reduce fatigue during workout and boosts muscle strength. It has 30g protein per serving with 40 servings per container.



3. MuscleTech PHASE8,It is a combination of fast acting wheys which increase the muscle recovery and growth. It has 26 Gram Proteins per serving. 


4. Syntha-6 with 22 Gram Protein per serving supports the growth of muscles, recovery and Muscle Protein Synthesis. Visit site