How Amino Acids Affect Your Body

Amino acids sometimes sound as abstract chemicals that are supposed to be labs and industrial plants not in nutrition literature. They are as abstract as they are misunderstood. Yet in their being ignorantly treated by body builders, they hold the key to perfecting the bodybuilding training especially as regards appropriate dieting. The diet that leads to bodybuilding success must comprise of sufficient amino acids and in their right proportions. This article should therefore, serve as a basic introduction to these basic but mysterious nutrients. Read here

For starters, the naturally occurring amino acids are about 23 in number and all are basically the molecular building blocks active in proteins. Nine of these are referred to as Essential or indispensable Amino acids. Their indispensability accrues from the fact that they must be supplied to the body for it to function properly, bodybuilder or not. The other 16 or so, were traditionally called nonessential amino acids but are today referred to as conditionally dispensable amino acids. These 16 are usually relied on by the body during emergencies as a fallback plan when the body has to purify them and separate their true chemical compounds from within other core amino acids. 

Most protein sources contain both groups of amino acids. A chicken breast for example, loads a body builder with ample amino acids of both the dispensable and indispensable types. However, research has shown the ratio in which these two types of amino acids are found in the body is what determines how much a particular type of food helps the body. The value of a protein is accrued from having more indispensable than dispensable amino acids for this is what gives the building power of a particular protein source. Although such a consideration is not all there is to determine protein quality in a food, it is a pertinent one. Know more here.

Nutritionists also say that protein value and or quality also accrues from how the specific amino acids therein contained interact with other nutrients like carbohydrates and vitamins. How the amino acids are influenced by the carbs to reduce or amplify the building process, is also key in determining protein types value.

Although the indispensable amino acids like glutamine, leucine, valine, branched-chain amino acids and isoleucine are of greater importance during muscle growth, the dispensable are also very important because they are synthesized slowly to supply a constant growth raw material. Their speed of synthesis is sometimes too slow for maximal growth that a bodybuilder may require. Individual metabolic adaptations are also a determining factor to the value of proteins. Click here

Amino acids vary in the body according to an individual's metabolic rates and efficiency in such a way that activates personal differences in the overall effects of amino acids. Digestion efficiency, rate of breakdown, bioavailability, rate of absorption, supplementation adequacy and potential, body needs, general health among other individual conditions may cause personalized variations in the various types and levels of amino acids in the body will act. Visit site.