Rolled Bamboo Fencing

If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space, bamboo fencing is one material to consider. Rolled bamboo fencing in particular is frequently used both indoors and outside. When used outdoors, it can create a distinctive look around decks or backyards. Indoors, rolled bamboo is seen on walls as an eye catching display or more practically as temporary walls or dividers. Privacy Fences

For a strong and durable structure you can't go wrong with a rolled bamboo fence. Heavier rolled bamboo is actually as sturdy as cedar. Bamboo will last twenty years or so if it is properly maintained. You can treat it as you do a wood product to prevent damage due to drying and cracking.

For outdoor fencing, rolled bamboo needs to be supported on a rigid structure or frame. It can either be applied to an existing fence or as part of a new fence. Wood Fences

If it is being applied to a fence that is already in place, the roll needs to be attached. The easiest way to attach it to a wooden fence is with stainless steel or galvanized heavy duty staples using a staple gun. These types of staples won't rust and mark up your fencing. Be sure to apply the staples over the existing wire that holds the rolled fencing together, in order to hide the staples.

Applying a roll of bamboo to a chain link fence is even easier. You simply use galvanized wire to tie the rolled bamboo to the chain linking. Tie the wire at intervals of four or five inches to the top, middle and bottom. Be sure to hide that wire by sliding it under the wire holding the bamboo together. Chain Link Fences

If you are using rolled bamboo for a new fencing project, first make a frame to support the bamboo. You will need to use wood posts to put in the ground. Add the top and the bottom rails and run some smaller wooden boards horizontally as well. This is what you will attach the bamboo material to. You can attach it in the same way as you would for an existing wooden fence. Iron Fences
Bamboo fencing rolls can be trimmed to fit using either pruning sheers or a miter saw. Since bamboo is a grass and not wood, you can't allow bamboo to touch or be buried in the ground. Bamboo deteriorates rapidly if it comes in direct contact with the ground. That's why it's necessary to use wood for posts and framing. 

There is a huge variety in rolled bamboo fencing. You can find everything from split bamboo to solid, along with woven patterns. Your most difficult decision may be to decide on the look you want. Whatever you decide, you can be assured that there will be bamboo fencing that can help you achieve that look. Fence Services