Types of Home Fencing

The Glass Fencing market is booming. Integration of glass materials in designing of properties is a contemporary trend, and marks the sophistication of the owner. Many install fences that are made of glass and demarcate the various areas/spaces within the property. This enhances the aesthetical elegance of the property and adds tremendous value to it.

Description & Types

As the name suggests, glass fences are made up of glass panels. These are invariably used for beautifying certain luxurious areas or enclosures within a property. The biggest advantage with glass boundaries is that they are transparent and clean. This gives an uninterrupted and clear view of the inside to an individual outside the bounds. Various design, shapes and types are available to suit the individual needs of a customer. In fact, the market of Glass Fencing is flooded with alternatives to personalize fences according to tastes.

Based on the frequency of its use, appearance and the area of use, it is popularly categorized into the following:

Regular - Plain and simple glass fence with a border or framework. It gives a clean and transparent look, and a well maintained fence is often considered charming. Their uses can be many and it is not restricted to any specific area of a property. They are also used in bordering swimming pools - works splendidly and look spectacular, especially with the complementing watery surrounding.

Semi-Frameless - These ones have glass panels which are partially bordered. The borders can either have a support function or an ornamental purpose. Semi Frameless Pool Fencing is installed around swimming pools to provide a posh and glamorous look to it. Such Semi Frameless Pool Fencing is connected to posts made of aluminium or equivalent. This gives a sturdy framework to the overall structural skeleton.

Frameless - Lastly, frameless refers to the glass fences which do not have any border lining. It looks naked and hence is often mistaken for an absence of barrier in the first place. The glass designs can be shaped according to the buyer's desire. It gives a pure and unadulterated view of the other side - Mostly a style quotient and not suitable for privacy purposes.

There is no hard and fast rule on the usage of glass fences although covering a larger area is quite impractical and way above the budget for many. The installation requires the involvement of professionals who are efficient in cutting glass to shapes, because these materials are extremely delicate and fragile. Also, this doesn't signify any sort of vulnerability of glasses. As a matter of fact they are quite versatile and durable.

Glass fences epitomize the modern facets of construction. They look exceptionally appealing to the eyes. The crystal clear view it provides is mesmerizing, and it positively adds glory to a concrete structure. Such ornamental additions can radically bring in liveliness to the whole architecture.

The market is now growing rapidly and it looks promising for the near future as well. A major portion of the urban society is accepting nothing less than glass fencing. Fence Company