Using Fencing For Beauty As Well As Privacy

 Privacy is the main reason why people put up fencing, but the choices people make when it comes to height and type can make a difference in the aesthetic look of the home. Fencing can indeed add to the beauty of your home while retaining different degrees of functionality depending on the type you choose. Here are some ideas.

First, it's necessary to decide the purpose of your fencing: are you going strictly for privacy, or do you want security as well? Figuring out what the fence's different uses will help you to choose between wood or vinyl, four foot or six foot, spikes or bamboo. For this article, we will be talking only about privacy fencing.

Strictly Privacy

Virtually any type of six-foot fence will offer the privacy that most homeowners desire. Surrounding an entire property with fencing can make it difficult to have it look nice, so great care must be taken in the materials selected as well as the landscaping that will go with it.

Wood fencing in a stockade style is the least expensive option for most extensive residential fencing. Cedar planks and posts can be stained practically any color to match the exterior of your home. They offer noise reduction from the outside in addition to visual privacy.

To make this type offense a little more ornamental, add one-foot tall lattice to the top. Be careful when staining in dark colors, especially if you use an automatic sprinkling system. Regular spray from sprinklers will quickly discolor the wood. Wood fencing is higher maintenance than other materials, requiring frequent staining and salt replacement over time.

For an airier feel, using strictly lattice fencing will work, but it is much less strong than wood slats, and to obtain absolute privacy, you must be willing to cover it with climbing vines or roses. Many people opt for a combination stockade with lattice: it is very attractive.

Vinyl stockade fencing is also appropriate for large areas of privacy fencing, but the costs are considerably higher. The cost is offset however by the sheer durability of the fencing: barring disaster, it is virtually indestructible. It is impervious to water, never fades, is chip resistant, and easily wipes clean. It also comes in a variety of colors, including the ever popular white, tan, and even black.

Extensive fencing looks best when it is paired with beautiful landscaping. Make sure to line remote areas of fencing with flowering shrubs or ornamental trees; by doing so, you will have the benefit of privacy while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your yard.